Rocklin Heating and Air provides a service call and diagnostic rate of $89.00, which includes a safety check of the system (heater or AC unit), and a labor rate of $135.00 per hour.  Rocklin Air also guarantees a standard parts charge that often falls below the manufacture's list price recommendation. Moreover, Rocklin Heating and Air warranties most repairs for a period of one year!

Flat-rate pricing has taken over the HVAC Residential industry and it is now common, and considered the acceptable norm, for an unwary consumer to pay $500.00, or more, for a thirty or forty-dollar part. In fairness, most common air conditioner replacement parts, including capacitors, contractors, starters, relays and the like usually wholesale for less than $20.00, and retail for around $40.00. Despite this, some companies are charging $400.00-$800.00 for replacement parts in the flat-rate book pricing. This is the Wild Wild West of AC repair!

Despite the industry-wide flat-rate trend, our upfront charges are segregated to protect you, the consumer, from unfair billings and up-charges. At Rocklin Heating and Air we refuse to submit to the flat-rate billing scams and up-charges. We charge $89.00 to get the truck to your door and troubleshoot the problem. We also offer Preventive maintenance for $89.  Our $135.00 an hour labor rate is the best around because most repairs are easily completed within that first hour!