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YELPed HVAC late Saturday afternoon because my heater would not kick. Rocklin Heating and Air had the most stars...gave them a call. Erik answered and asked when I would like an appointment and I told him as soon as possible. He offered to come out on Saturday evening between 5 and 6!
He came out and discovered the problem but did not have the part in stock (my heater is at least 15 years old). Said he would go pick it up first thing Monday morning...-and he did. He came over and fixed the problem in less than an hour. Great attitude, fantastic customer service. I will never use anyone else again. There is a reason why they have such great reviews on Yelp.
Thanks Erik!
— Gina R.
Wow....Erik is a life saver! I did my own troubleshooting on my stopped AC condenser and determined that I needed to replace the running capacitor. However I could not find a capacitor on Memorial Day, as no business was open. Did I mention it was smoking hot outside? I called Erik, and he went out of his way to drop off the needed part at his Rocklin office. He told me I could just pick it up and drop off a check (the honor system). Who does that anymore? Later, he called me to be sure that I had gotten the part, and that the part was the right component. He also coached me on installing and troubleshooting the issue. There is a reason why Erik has such a high rating on Yelp.....he is awesome. He is honest and definitely customer focused.
— Len A.
I am very impressed with the serviced received from Rocklin Heating and Air. Erik was honest and he looked into my heating problem which was a tricky problem and he fixed it. He did a great job I will use him every time and recommend him to all my friends.
— Jan K.
Love these guys! Our 22 year old heater decided it wanted to go on strike. We called this company today and were fortunate enough that they were able to come out today. That alone was great because we assumed we would be waiting until next week for an appointment. They were able to fix the heater and we were lucky we didn’t need any new parts. The cost of the repair was very reasonable. These guys definitely know what they are doing!
— Mrs S.
Wow! I am big fan!!! Erik was finally able to fix an A/C system that had been driving us nuts for years (and which several others had worked on, with limited short term success.) Voila! He found the problem, fixed it immediately, and was very fair in the his pricing. Highly recommend!
— Emelyn H.
Just had a new HVAC system installed...we are very pleased. Having bought an older home over the summer and wanting to update the HVAC (it was functiong fine but not cost effectively)...had a PG&E Energy survey performed and contacted a few system providers for recommendations and pricing. We had used Rocklin Heating & Air at our other home for repair service and so had Erik take a look and provide a quote too...we appreciated his quality recommendations and practical approach that made a lot of sense and for a very fair price. Install took two days with high quality equipment, new ducting and additional insulation. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Again, highly responsive service and delivered exactly what was promised. Can’t recommend them enough; next we will look at a whole house fan with these guys in the spring. Thanks Bill, Mike and Erik for a trouble free install...we are enjoying a more comfortable home now!.
— Chas W.