Making the Choice to Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling Systems

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By Rocklin Heating & Air

For homeowners, most of the choices you make about your home comfort systems result from system failures. So, the thought of upgrading a currently functioning system may seem too crazy for you. The saying, if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it comes to mind. However, if you could choose to upgrade your comfort systems and gain greater energy efficiency and a rebate for your trouble, it just may be worth it! There are many ways to upgrade your home to a more energy-efficient heating and cooling environment, but not many are as effective as replacing an old or inefficient HVAC or heating system. So, if you are planning to begin any improvement projects around your home, now may be the time to consider starting with your HVAC or heating systems.

SMUD is offering rebates of up to $3000 on qualifying energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. These rebates will help customers like you upgrade to energy-efficient systems and reap huge savings going into the new year! If your current heating and cooling systems are old and inefficient, now is the time to make the switch to a more modern energy-efficient unit. By choosing to upgrade during the SMUD rebate program, you could earn money while also saving each month on your utility spending.

Choosing a Replacement HVAC or Heating System

When you are forced to make an HVAC or heating unit upgrade because of malfunctions and constant repairs, the choice is far simpler. When considering which unit to install due to a system replacement, choosing an energy-efficient system means reaping many benefits of ownership, including significant savings from both the current SMUD rebate programs and lower energy usage.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Home’s HVAC Unit

  • Improve the comfort across all areas of your home
  • Reduce energy usage and spending on utility bills
  • Conserve resources and save the environment
  • Better Air Quality
  • Increased Home Value

Customers who are already in the market for a new system will have no problem choosing an energy-efficient upgrade. There are many qualifying units available for purchase, which means you could quickly make the leap to greater energy-efficiency and noticeable savings on future energy bills.

Upgrading Your Current HVAC or Heating Systems

If your current system is still working, upgrading to a new unit may seem unnecessary. So, ask yourself, is my current unit working great or just okay? Do you think it could be better? The SMUD rebate program offers savings of up to $3000 on upgrades to qualifying energy-efficient HVAC systems. These generous rebates are a compelling reason to go ahead and upgrade your system, especially if you are currently going into the winter months on the fence about making the change to a newer unit. Just because your system is currently working doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect time to go ahead and upgrade to an energy-efficient unit. Upgrading your home comfort system can be difficult for many homeowners, especially if your current system is working well. At Rocklin Heating & Air, we understand this dilemma all too well. So, even with the advantages, and the rebates, and the savings on future utility costs, the case for upgrading has to make sense for your specific situation. But, if your heating and cooling system could be more efficient than it is now, just imagine the many benefits of making the upgrade to a new system now while these rebates are available. Plus, switching to a newer, more energy-efficient model is an investment in your home’s value.

How to Qualify for the SMUD Rebate Program

Rebates are only offered while funding is available. Customers planning to participate must secure a contractor affiliated with the SMUD Contractor Network. Contractors and customers must also meet all program guidelines and rules, including full compliance with city and county ordinances and building codes. Customers will need to ensure they have secured all building permits and finalizing local jurisdiction inspections.

We are offering the following rebates for qualifying units:

  • Heat Pump HVAC Upgrade – Gas to Electric $3,000
    • (Gas to Heat Pump Conversion Required)
  • Heat Pump HVAC Upgrade – Electric to Electric $750

Manufactured, modular, or factory-built homes transported and assembled on-site do not qualify for a rebate unless all of the following can be demonstrated.

  • The homeowner is an active SMUD customer with an active SMUD account
  • Home is individually metered by SMUD
  • Home is placed on a permanent foundation
  • Manufactured, modular or factory-built homes transported and assembled on-site must be built in conformance with state and local building code and governed by local or the County of Sacramento Building Department.
  • Mobile homes on a chassis and axle constructed under HUD codes or that have a State of California Community Services Department sticker indicating status as a licensed mobile home do not qualify for the promotion.

Hurry, rebates are only available with current funding! If you are ready to upgrade your HVAC or heating systems in Rocklin or surrounding communities, give us a call at (916) 626-5151 for more information about our products. We look forward to serving you!